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Ashford University's Equity Council and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has launched #ITMATTERS@AU, a video series and social media campaign designed to build awareness around…

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Dr Colette Morrow: Cinematic Mirroring: Satrapi's Persepolis and Parsipur's Women without Men.

Aligning with the theme of Historical Perspectives and Future Directions, my presentation compares two films by women, arguing that local conditions shape feminist movements around the world and that…

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Dr Arlene McConville: Military Women and Their Use of Voice in the Workplace

Organizations benefit from the diversity of ideas, and women bring with them fresh sets of ideas in the decision-making process. Therefore, it is important to understand the circumstances in which…

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Dr. Janni Pedersen: Female Primates and the 21st Century University

To understand current challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace in general, and in higher education in particular, applying a both historical and cross-cultural lens is critical. Such…

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Mari Schuldt and Genesis Lastrella Quicho: Women in the Workplace:Insights from the Executive Level

This presentation introduces an important conversation about common, research-based challenges faced by women in the workplace and what women can do to overcome these challenges in order to…

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Dr. Tahereh Daneshi: Workplace Opportunities and challenges for Women in Technology

Women’s participation in technology occupations must be encouraged and promoted by academics, businesses and industry. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women currently occupy about…

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Dr Nicole Poff: Why We Work: Challenging the Myth that Working Moms Impede Children’s Success

“It must be so hard to be a working mom; I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have someone else raising my child”. Every mother who works outside of the home knows exactly how…

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Dr Marvee Marr and Dr Lora Reed: The Past and Future of Female Global Mobility and Career Path

International mobility has become a crucial competitive differentiator of an organization’s success in today’s global economy. As corporations expand in the global marketplace, the need…

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Dr Karen Andrade Pizarro: The Underrepresentation of Minority Women in Higher Education Institutions

The focus of this presentation is to discuss the current state of minority women faculty in higher education institutions and how inclusion initiatives could help to improve the current disparity.…

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Adding a Profie Picture

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Zero To Three video tutorial

How to access the Zero to Three journal

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Interpreting the Turnitin Originality Report

To view captioned version, click the caption bubble icon to the right of the time info. Would you like to suggest a topic for a video? Fill out the HelpNow! Video Request Form Would you like to…

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Using Turnitin Through Waypoint

Please go to revised Canvas video here:

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ECE405 Introduction

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